Catriona Brown Puerto MorelosCatriona Brown

Catriona Brown, is an accidental resident, who arrived in Puerto Morelos on January 22nd 2002 to spend a couple of days relaxation in the relative obscurity of the then little known seaside village. She had plans to return to her hometown of Sydney within a week and resume her bustling life there with friends and family. Slowly but surely she realised that Puerto Morelos was the town for her and stayed for 8 months with one suitcase and bought land, opened a dive shop and learnt to dive. From there, after dealing with shocked antipodeans, she grew a life that includes construction, charity, playing polo, The Little Mexican Cooking School and making sure Casa Caribe is comfortable and fun for visitors. Catriona has a passionate fondness for the town and is always happy to share with those with an open heart.


Erik Guegan - Small Group Tours

With his passion in tact after 30 years in Mexico, Eric your guide, will share his knowledge of the area's fascinating past and help you discover the warm friendliness of its inhabitants, while respecting the simple rules of common sense tourism.







Chef Cristobal Tamariz

Since arriving in Puerto Morels, Chef Cristobal Tamariz, from Hidalgo, has designed 7 new menus each representing the seven different culinary regions of Mexico. He also oversees the daily breakfasts and the now famous Sunday Brunch at Casa Caribe introducing some exciting new specials each week.




Deysi and Lucy 

Deysi has been a loyal and delightful housecleaner with Catriona for the past 8 years, and Lucy is a multi-talented woman who also crafts  the school aprons, and whose family are the artisanal producers of many of The Little Mexican Cooking School spice mixtures.